What is deeditt?

Deeditt is a long term side project created mainly to encourage people to share and inspire people around to achieve good things.

The idea behind is to create a social network where people can explore and get inspired by deeds in the network, I haven't finished and to be honest, I don't know when this will be available since I'm trying to find a differentiator between this idea and some others similar.

What I want to do is change the way the people act or behave, being social by writing thanks not thumbing up, more emotional helping someone in need not for likes, having physical care drinking more water instead of posing on the gym, being more spiritual taking more walks in the park rather than sending prays in chat groups or having better mental health by deleting old emails but no complaining about others.

The project started a few years ago but never had seen the light, a lot of drafts and many thoughts in my head, but now I think I'm close to having a definitive version of it. In the end, Deeditt tends to solve the faking people vs real people.

If you are here reading this is because you could be interested and maybe and somehow you can help me, don't be scary and give me a shout, I'm always interested in listening to some other ideas to make this a positive strong sharing platform.

Jack Fiallos

Jack Fiallos