About me

My name is Erlyng but most of the people who know me calls me Jack (jackfiallos everywhere). I'm a software engineer, blogger and athlete or this is the way I like to see me. let's say I know a little bit about everything. This is my second chance to start with a blog and here I will talk about technology, code, web, where we're going and where we've been. Before this, I used to write on jackfiallos.com, long short story, I lost the domain for almost 10 years, the domain still exists and after some years having lost it, finally is back to me.

I'm originally from Nicaragua, lived in Mexico City for almost 12 years where I created Qbit Mexhico with some good friends, Qbit Mexhico was a great opportunity to learn more about development, people, clients, projects and more, I was involved in different and challenging projects for almost 8 years, probably more but because from time to time we need a change and the Mexico situation in that time wasn't the best, I decided to move to Dublin, Ireland since 2016. At this point in my life, I'm in charge of the tech team at Gigable, which is a company that offers a service that connects business and freelancers for independent work.

Together with Euri this journey it has become exciting and full of new experiences, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message through my social network accounts, I would like to connect with new people and share everything about technology.

Most of my posts are written in Spanish but don't blame me, for some reason I think we as Spanish native speakers should create more content in our language mainly because most of the general knowledge about the software is created in English, from time to time I will create English post as well and maybe that will be weird for some readers, I think is a matter of perspective, I'm pushing people to learn English or Spanish reading this blog.

All opinions here are on my own.

Jack Fiallos

Jack Fiallos