We want to teach you to be positive through constructive feedback

We want to teach you to be positive through constructive feedback

The feelings we project are those we receive in return from others. This simple truth is the essence of Deeditt, a platform where every interaction is an opportunity to create a virtuous circle of positive emotions.

The mission to collaborate for a better world

In a world where challenges seem to grow day by day, the importance of joining forces for good cannot be underestimated. At Deeditt, we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to addressing the problems that affect us as a society and as individuals. We're not talking about superficial collaboration, based on self-promotion or self-interest. We refer to a true alliance, where each member strives to contribute positively to the common well-being.

The importance of spreading positive energy

Recognition is a powerful human motivator, and at Deeditt, we celebrate it. But it's not about seeking validation for the sake of obtaining it; it's about recognizing and valuing the genuine gestures and experiences that people share with the intention of helping others. A simple smile, a kind word, or sharing a personal experience can make a difference in someone's life. At Deeditt, we promote a culture where sharing is an act of generosity, a gift we give to the world. And yes, it's true, this genuine act of sharing receives recognition, but it's not the end, it's a means to inspire others to do the same, thereby contributing to a more understanding and supportive world.

For example, a user might share a personal achievement, such as having run their first marathon, and along with their story, provide training and perseverance tips. Another member might share a personal challenge overcome, like learning a new language, and provide resources and motivation for those wishing to follow a similar path.

In another scenario, a user might post about an inspiring book they've recently read. Not only might they recommend it, but they could also summarize the key lessons or initiate a discussion group on the platform to talk about the content. These discussion spaces could act as virtual book clubs, where members support each other in their personal growth and share different perspectives.

The latent potential of Deeditt

Deeditt is not just a social network; it's an evolving entity with the potential to grow and adapt according to the needs and contributions of its community. In these early steps, the focus is on building a solid foundation of collaboration and positivity. But as with any living enterprise, the future is full of possibilities:

  • Mental health and well-being: As the platform evolves, the importance of emotional well-being will continue to be a central pillar.

  • Professional opportunities: Deeditt could become a valuable resource for identifying genuine talent in an increasingly saturated job market.

  • Synergies and communities: Imagine a Deeditt where people collaborate massively to address social or environmental challenges, driven by a common goal.


At Deeditt, we understand that the reciprocity of positive emotions is fundamental to building a strong and healthy community. By focusing on genuine collaboration, the spread of positive energy, and exploring new possibilities, we are building more than just a platform; we are creating an ecosystem for human well-being. We invite everyone to be part of this exciting journey towards a more united and happy world.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash